Lemon for skin lightening!!!


Heyy friendss….Today I wanna share with you an interesting tip which I found from a blog:)..The tip is nothing butttt LEMON!! Most of the people know about its benifits and it is also cheap.Okay here we go……


Lemon juice can be a great natural alternative for treating acne and reducing acne scars. It also works to brighten skin tone. Lemon juice contains citric acid which exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells. Through this action, the appearance of scars and dark spots will be reduced. Lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acids which are commonly used in skin care products and chemical peels. Lemon juice works to lighten the skin and acne scars by shedding the dead skin cells and acting as a bleaching agent. Since it acts as a bleaching agent, it can be a great solution for lightening freckles as well.

Users of Lemon Juice for Acne have given reviews such as:

“… I put this on my face after my face wash and before my moisturizer. The next day the pimples had gotten a bit smaller- but no major change. same the next day. and then day 3  BAM no pimples! its a life saver!! this has been my toner for a month now and i havent seen a blemish since:-)))”

“My mother is 46 and she looks like she is in her thirties! She uses lemon juice before going to bed every night! She has the most beautiful skin I’ve come across…”

“…After a week on the lemon treatment, the results were amazing. My skin looked younger, the freckles looked lighter, and my large pores looked smaller. The dry skin appeared less and less. I love how it’s a cheap alternative for a microdermabrasion.”


I just began applying lemon juice to my skin one week ago after discovering its benefits for acne and acne scars. I apply it nightly by squeezing some of the juice onto a cotton pad and then sweeping it over my face. I follow up with applying moisturizer. I already notice a slight increase to the glow of my skin and I also noticed that the small bumps on my forehead have been reduced. To my surprise it did not dry out my skin, but I do have oily skin to begin with.

Be careful to stay out of the sun when applying lemon juice to the skin since it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Also, remember to give lemon juice some time to work on treating your acne scars and dark spots. It may take a month or two to see noticeable results.



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