Vicks for pimplespimples…It just worked for me!!

Heyy people….:)

Today I am gonna tell you a very simple home remedy.Whether it works for you or not I donno but It just worked for me!!

Day before yesterday morning there was a new pimple on my nose..:( I thought just “ohh noooooo!! I donno what to do and I just want it to vanish them within 2-3 days but I am afraid of trying home remedies what ever I see on web.I browsed browsed browsed and finally saw this tip “VICKS!!” I heard of it before but never tried it.Okay I decided to try it then.Trying once only make sure’s whether it is allergetic or not right?



 So, that day night applied new vicks on my pimple and had sweet dreams.Yesterday morning when I woke up just said to myself that “Yay its working!!”. Yesterday morning when I woke up the pimple seemed smaller!!

Yesterday night again I applied and slept and today morning when I was looking at the mirror I just said “Oh my god unbelievable!!!” Yes the pimple completely dried out and 99% gone. still a small thing left over.I became so eager to share with you guys without curing that left over part this night.

  • Remember there is marks left over.
  • Pimple is completely dried out


Vicks contains camphor which kills bacteria and other ingredients dries out the pimples.



  • Plzz try for single pimple and people with face full of acne,better dont use this tip.
  • This is applied to people with few pimples.Mainly who gets pimple just before  a day or few days before the party.
  • I cant able suggest because I am new to dis home remedy I dint experiment it with full acne’d face people “SORRY!”