How to act like a fashion designer!!!

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  1. Design your own vocabulary. Combine words to make smarter sounding, longer words. For example, instead of simply calling someone idiotic or saying “this fashion business is pure idiocy” talk about the idiocity of things. Made up words make you look smarter–people will think “I didn’t know that was even a word, wow.”

  2. Keep a tight, calm face. It shows that you have higher standards than the average person, and as a fashion designer , of course you do!

  3. Find an intriguing accent and make sure you’re pretty good at it – not all designers are from foreign countries, they are just good at sounding like it.

  4. Wear some type of shades – glasses when you are in the office and big shades when you are out.

  5. Have your own walk. Most designers walk like they rule the world–the FASHION world!

  6. Travel the world. Say you’ve been to those kinds of countries that people would die to go to.

  7. Make conversation with every person possible. No matter what the topic is, try to bring yourself up as much as possible.

  8. Talk about everything that everyone wears – bad or good, give them all tips on how they can improve.

  9. Lie to people about their looks. Whenever you see a skinny girl, ask her if she ever thought about being a model.

  10. Make up a fake laugh. Make it annoying or simple; just make sure it has attitude behind it.

  11. Act busy at all times – talk on your cell phone, chew gum, and read the VOGUE magazine all at once; you’ll learn to love it.

  12. 12

    Have great style. No fashion designer dresses badly. From reading all those magazines , you should know how to dress!!

  13. 13

    Don’t be messy, even if you are busy you have to keep your area clean



  • Have your own style .
  • Always have something on you to pass the time; you’re a major designer, so of course you’re busy.
  • Talk and chat with people like you are old friends. It will help you to be closer to everyone.
  • Have credit cards. VISA is a plus, or just use a lot of library cards that could pass for credit cards.