Sweater Refashion


Sweater refashion:

Heloooo my darlings ^_^

Today I m goina share with you my sweater refashion.

Today when my sista was getting ready fo college, she was juz worrying dat one of her college mate has a beautiful sweater..So I thought of making her a cute sweater ❤ ❤

Picture 455

omgggg!!!! Thisz my dad’s horribly biggest sweater and he’z not using this right now…(Anyways,thank god…! I got a chance to refashion this one 🙂 )

okayyy..now coming to refashion,

First step:


it’s really really a biiig swaeter so first of all I wanna reduce the size of shoulder length..so firstly i just cut the sleeves off,removed buttons and stitched the opened part at the front…

2nd step:


I measured shoulder length wid my t-shirt and marked and then I altered the body and juz removed the excess part.

3rd step:


Cuming to sleeves..altered the sleeves too… and then attached to d body..


4th step:


I just cut the desired neckline and stitched..


5th step:

Now I thought… thought…. thought…… to add some interesting thing…Suddenly, an idea burst out from my mind!! I had an old muffler which we nevver used in our lyftym..so thought of involving that wool family member into this… loll 😀


Then I wore the sweater  for trial… ooopsss!!!!! my neckline is so broad! Now this z an another challenge fo me…

6th step:

I dont hav any idea of what I m doing but took the remaining fabric of muffler and made a loop out of it ..


stitch the fabric like a tube from reverse side and then invert it using a pen or pencil


7th step:

Picture 459

attached the loop backside for a stylish look and then attached buttons just as an extra at each end of the loop.


Sooo…..Heres a new sweater for my sis 😀 😀

Picture 456

Picture 457

Picture 458

My sista z soo happy 🙂 🙂

Try it!!!


-Saji kennedy